Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Pop Cake

Heat 'N Serve Cake Recipe

1 box cake mix, any flavor

12 oz (1 can or 1 ½ cups) soda pop

Mix cake mix and pop together in Thatsa bowl with the Silicone spatula until the lumps disappear. Pour into the 6 ¼ cup

round Heat 'N Serve container and put the seal on. Place in microwave oven for 7 – 12 minutes

depending on your microwave (May want it on 80% power too). The cake is done when it is a little sticky on top and is

pulling away from the sides of the dish. When finished, dump onto a plate and let cool. Great with whip cream and


Some great combinations: White cake and diet 7-up

Strawberry cake and 7-up. White cake and cream soda or redpop.

Chocolate cake and coke. Chocolate cake and cherry Pepsi. Serve with cherries like a black forest cake.

The products used in this recipe can be found at http://www.mytwbiz.com/

Can also use the stack cooker base with insert.

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